The story of HOME.

Back in 2014, the co-hosts of HOME, Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen, met through an Instagram exchange about concert tickets and sobriety.

At the time Laura was a recently divorced single mom, an executive at a PR agency in Boston, and still deep in her own struggle to get sober from alcohol and drugs. Holly was living in San Francisco but on hiatus in Rome after leaving her own big job in healthcare to pursue changing the world of addiction recovery (more on that later). She was also recently sober from alcohol, pot and cigarettes.

Despite an astounding number of similarities (obsession with Justin Vernon) and differences (almost everything else) they both felt deeply that this addiction thing had to change. Not only how it's viewed in society, but also how we talk about it (or don't) and most definitely how we recover from it. 

So...why not start a podcast?

Fast forward several months and Laura twisted Holly's arm into doing it. They debated names. On the cutting room floor you will find: Her Bones (?), HO-LA (get it?), and their personal favorite...Sober Village (credit, Holly). HOME was the winner, because duh. On July 11, 2015, they recorded their first episode - Holly from her closet, and Laura from her daughter's bedroom floor. Today, the show has over 200,000 listens in over 200 countries and it's only just begun. Since then, they've covered topics like dating, sex, shame, socializing, forgiveness, atheism, eating disorders and they've interviewed some amazing people like Augusten Burroughs, Sarah Hepola, Rob Bell, James Altucher, Elena Brower and Seane Corn and Glennon Melton Doyle. They've also said f*&% approximately 100% more than Krista Tippet, but 40% less than Marc Maron.

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About Holly Whitaker


Holly Whitaker is the founder of Hip Sobriety, which aims to provide a modern, holistic, accessible and desirable path to sobriety, and to remove the stigma associated with addiction (and sobriety). She’s also the creator of Hip Sobriety School, an online program that helps individuals build holistic paths to recovery as either a complement or alternative to traditional modalities.

It is Holly’s belief that recovery is a privilege - not a consequence - and sobriety is a proud and empowering life choice.


About Laura McKowen


Laura is a mama, writer, light-seeker and recovery warrior. She believes we desperately need each other’s most honest stories—to know that we are not alone, to learn how to move through life, to remember who we are. 

In April, 2016, she quit her fancy corporate career to pursue writing, teaching yoga (again) and speaking about her struggle with addiction, motherhood, transformation, spirituality and love of all kinds. Her work has been featured on Huffington Post XOJane, The Mid, Scary Mommy and Elephant Journal, among others.

Laura teaches retreats and workshops all over the U.S. 

She lives on the north shore of Boston with her daughter and is currently writing her first book. 

More about Laura's on her website.