Who did the opening and closing songs? 

SO GOOD, right? The band is Radiation City out of Portland, Oregon. Holly met them a while back and fell in love with their music and they super kindly agreed to let us use these songs.

The opening song.


The closing song.

Are you guys actually friends?


Like in real life not just on the internet?


When did you first meet face-to-face?

Holly showed up at Laura's house in an Uber very early one October morning in 2014. They stared at each other for a while, because huh, and then Holly took a nap in Laura's daughter's bed.

When did you get sober? 

Holly: April 13, 2013

Laura: September 28, 2014

When did you start the podcast?

July 11, 2015 was the first episode.

Did you know what you were doing when you recorded the first one? 

No, we didn't know what we were doing. But we meant it.

Do you ever get sick of talking about sobriety?

We might, if we didn't talk about so many other things.

Why is the sound sometimes all jacked up?

Because we have learned this as we go, and we don't have fancy equipment, and we aren't produced by NPR. For the first 60 episodes or so, we didn't have a sound editor. Also, sometimes we got really excited and forget to ask our guests to put in their earphones (see Rayya, see Glennon). Now we have an amazing guy (Hi, Adam!) who does our sound, but we're still not NPR. One day we'll have a team of producers and editors and it'll all sound like Terry Gross whispering in your ears, or a lullaby from Krista Tippett, but for now...we make do and try to bring you really cool and helpful and hopefully wonderful stuff.

Should I start my own podcast?


How do I do that?

There are tons of good, free resources online. Here are a few we recommend:

What set-up do you ladies have?

  • Microphones: Blue Yeti 
  • Record via Skype, using Call Recorder as a back-up
  • Edit via Garage Band
  • Hosting and RSS syndication via SoundCloud - distributed to iTunes and Stitcher
  • (On the rare occasion that we've done an in-person interview, there's a more complicated set-up, but that's another story.)

Got any tips before I do it?

  • Commit to it. The truth is, this stuff takes a lot of work and it takes time to get traction. Know why you're doing it and what you want to get from it, and then just keep going.
  • Be consistent. The only rule we agreed to follow was to publish one episode every week. We agreed on Wednesdays and we stuck to it, except for a week or two when we published late on a Thursday (and our listenership fell because of it). The only consistent characteristic of all the successful podcasts is that they're put out regularly and at least once a week. If breaks are intended, they let the listeners know ahead of time.
  • Don't go for fancy, go for real. Don't stress about the equipment or the set-up too much. Focus on great content and honesty and sticking true to your theme. Great content wins every time in the long run.
  • Trust your gut. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. If someone wants to come on your show and you're not really into it, even though they might get you a lot of traction, don't have them on. Or, if there's something you really, really want to talk about even though it feels 'risky' or 'it's never been done before' - DO IT.

Are you going to make those "TEETOTALER" t-shirts again?

YES! The store is opennnnnn!

What's the deal with the Tt tattoo, and who designed it?

Holly designed it, and Tt is something she made up--a new element on the periodic table, if you will--to symbolize Teetotaler. We wanted something that symbolized sobriety without saying SOBRIETY or SOBER or similar, and also looked rad. We got them together in LA.

Can I get the same tattoo, or is that weird?

We hoped anyone who wanted it would get it! That way when we run into each other in the real world we can be like, Heeeeeey, I know you. Can I buy you a La Croix?

Where can I get the artwork for the tattoo?

Can I be on the show?

Write us a note and tell us who you are and why you want to be on. We don't have any hard and fast rules around who we bring on; we go with what feels right and who can serve our listeners best.

Who does your website and your branding?

We do, and we have wonderful collaborators named Megan and Brooke who make magic happen behind the scenes.

Why do you say f%$# so much? 

Because that's how we talk in real life.

Do your moms listen to the show?

Holly's mom does (as far as she knows). Laura's does not (as far as she knows).

What if I still have questions?

Send us a note. :)